Through Marble
Sculpt your Dreams

We create unique pieces of handmade

We like

We present you solutions.

your dreams

Marble Applications.

We Are?
A Professional Team

Whose concern is the satisfaction of our customers. We want to carve their dreams and make them reality.

We are Creative
We create with Passion

Each project is unique, therefore we regard it in a very personal way.

We love our work
We are always available

We are always new challenges. Daring projects, execussão short periods.

Had a good time
Like difficult tasks

Virtually nothing is impossible to achieve.
We find solutions for their projects.

We are Professionals
We fulfill our Commitments.

We respect the deadlines.
We perform the tareafas we set out to play.

“The Desire to Create is One of the Deepest Yeatnings of the Human Soul”

Sculpted marble for over 30 years

There are several reasons why you should choose work with our company.

The details are important

We are meticulous in the preparation of parts.
We care about every detail.

Our pieces are unique

Our work is done by hand, which gives the piece unique.

We are frontal with our clients

We inform our customers about the specificities of the project.
We maintain the targets set in the first approach to the project.

We develop a task quickly

Never neglect the quality and although it is a handmade work, we have developed our work quickly.

We are Creative,
Sculpted with Passion.

What we Do?
Services Types

Some examples of services.

Author Sculpture
Reprodution of Pieces

We play author sculptures.

Various decorative elements

We produce handmade many decorative elements in marble as: tables, games, supplies, funeral art, floors, etc.

All kinds of Columns

Sculpted by hand all types of columns and capitals.

Pieces Restoration

We do an intervention in worn parts and refund your original and usual features.

“Marble Aplications”

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our Portfolio

Meet our work

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(+351) 969 133 169 / 961 369 596

Parque Industrial, lote 3, Apartado 35, 7250-999 Alandroal / Portugal

e: p: (+351) 268 969 072

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